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  • 1220x2440x2.5mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x4.0mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x5.2mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x12mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm Black Film Faced Plywood - Poplar/Hardwood Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm White Melamine Faced Plywood - Combi Core
  • 1160x2400x18mm Container Flooring Plywood - Hardwood Core

Why Customers Choose Us?

We ship to customers unbeatable quality plywood with competitive prices and timely customer service.

Damages during shipment?

We offer free replacement for damaged plywood during the transportation. The plywood are packed in pallets to ensure safe packaging and better protection.

Inspection Before Shipment

We welcome customer inspection on the goods before shipment. Our company can issue free report or you can hire third party inspection company like SGS, BV, etc.

plywood factory industry

The year of 2017 has been an important year for the plywood industry in China. The year of 2017 has seen a lot of challenges and upgrades on the Chinese plywood business. Plywood Manufacturing Energy Since last year, a lot of manufacturers are required to remove the coal burning boiler. Gas burning boiler are installed …
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waterproof plywood

Waterproof plywood are made with special water resistant glue to make the sheet more suitable for humid conditions. In the process of plywood manufacture, the veneers are spread with glue and then laminated together. Waterproof glue are pre-lamianted on the hardwood veneers. It is a moisture resistant material that consumers use for various purposes in …
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ash plywood china fancy plywood

Fancy plywood is the general commercial term for a kind of plywood that is laminated with tropical hardwood face. The face is specially made and with very attractive appearance. The use of this type of panel is for decoration and furniture making. It is made with best grade of material and is top grade ply. …
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plywood film faced

Plywood industry has always been in the trade conflicts. It has been normal for chinese plywood exporters. On July 28th, the anti-dump meeting for chinese plywood exporters are arranged. The ministry of commerce, forestry and business attended the meeting. China Forestry Association introduce the the reporter, Ministry of Commerce annouced the investigation on hardwood plywood …
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structural plywood china

Structural plywood are manufactured to AS/NZS 2269 uses a Type A Bond to laminate the individual veneers. Type A glue bonds are durable and permanent under conditions water boiling, long term stress, and combinations of exposure and stress. Structural plywood can be manufactured with a range of face and back veneer qualities to suit the plywood use. Best …
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5mm pencil cedar plywood factory

In many tropical countries there is huge need for the thin plywood. The thin plywood is used for many occations. Mostly in packing and house making. Especially in the house making, the ply sheet can be used literally anywhere of the house.   Since the weather is hot, there is no need for warm keeping …
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plywood price pine marine

Our company is a plywood manufacturer in China. We have been in plywood business since many years ago. Since the inception of manufacturing plant, we have been supplying premium quality plywood to many distributors, contractors, furniture makers, trailer factories, container manufacturers in the world. The main products of ours are for furnitures, formwork, exterior uses …
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bwr plywood

BWR grade plywood means Boiling Water Resistant plywood. It is a waterproof plywood same with WBP plywood. It is widely used for making furniture. Along with Commercial MR grade plywood, it is the best selling type of plywood in India. There is another term BWP (Boiling Water proof) which is very similar sounding and almost …
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marine plywood factory manufacturer in china

According to the E.U. website on January 29th 2016, European Commission said they are initiating the sunset anti-dumping review on Okoume plywood imported from The People’s Republic of China. Investigation duration is Jan 1 2015 – Dec 31 2015, industry harm investigation time is Jan 1 2012 – Dec 31 2015. The new anti-dumping policy …
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hardwood plywood chinese

On November 18, 2016, antidumping petitions with the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. International Trade Commission, regarding certain hardwood plywood panels from China. The petitioner is the american Hardwood Plywood manufacturers: Columbia Forest Products, Commonwealth Plywood Inc., Murphy Plywood, Roseburg Forest Products Co., States Industries, Inc., and Timber Products Company. The antidumping law imposes …
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europe plywood

Plywood imports by the EU 28 countries in 2014 was 3.7 million m³, up 12%, reaching the highest point since the economic crisis.Imports increased 12 percent to 1.35 billion euros correspondingly.Increase in imports was mainly due to improvement in the European market consumption, especially Britain. Another primary reason is the increased supply of Russian birch …
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eucalyptus core veneer for plywood china

Eucalyptus is a kind of hardwood (wiki information ) widely planted in Vietnam and Guangxi Province of China. This kind of core veneers are suitable for the production of hardwood plywood and film faced plywood. Its quality is premium compared with poplar softwood plywood. Eucalyptus plantations are being raised over an area of 8 …
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