Plywood Supplier in China

China export plywood 1.1 million cubic meters in June 2014, increased15.4%

In June 2014 China exported plywood 1.1 million cubic meters amount 3.32 billion Yuan. The increase of the volume is 15.4% and the amount is 17.3%.

In 2014 from January to June China exported plywood 5.7 million cubic meters value 172 billion Yuan. It’s an increase of 15.3% compared to the year of 2013. Amount increased 14%.

Although it’s an increase compared to June 2013, but the exported slowed down compared to May 2014, 1.18 million cubic meters.

Average price in June is 3027.09 Yuan per m3 and in May it was 3093.05 Yuan per m3.

Price dropped 3 Yuan per sheet in June.