Plywood Supplier in China

Chinese Plywood Supplier

Plywood is a kind of wood based panel manufactured from layers of hardwood or softwood veneer that are usually about 3 millimetres thick. Because of made in layers plywood is incredibly strong but also light in weight.

Marine Plywood manufacturers in china

The interior layers of these boards are usually made from an cheap wood while the face veneer are made from expensive hardwood to give the plywood a better wood grain appearance.

This type of board is manufactured from layers of veneer that are glued together and compressed under pressure and heat, they are then cut into suitable sizes. With each new layer of veneer added to the plyboard the grain is rotated at 90 degrees each layer, this is done to maximize the boards strength and to prevent warping and twisting.

This manufactured board is used as a more affordably option to solid timber or as an alternate to other manufactured boards. You are most likely to see plywood used in occasions such as school desks, wood paneling and modern furniture as you can find at this catalogue  You can also find them as roofling and flooring in houses and containers etc.

Advantages of plywood:

  • Very strong
  • Light
  • Resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage
  • Can be made from most timbers to increase aesthetics
  • Good for wood paneling

Disadvantages of plywood:

  • Edges of board are unattractive and can’t be covered
  • Not suitable for many joints
  • Still may contain natural defects such as knots due to the sheets of veneer

The plywood made in China mostly use poplar or eucalyptus as core. And the face there are many choices such as birch, beech, ash, bintangor, oukoume, etc.

Chinese plywood manufacturers and suppliers are entertaining both domestic and international market as the production varies on quality can suits different needs of different buyers.