Plywood Supplier in China

Plywood was the most important Agriculture Export Product in China in 2013

According to a report by USDA, plywood was the most important export products of China in agriculture area. The report was made by USDA staff. It provides a snapshot of China’s 2013 agricultural trade with key trading partners (the United States, Brazil, and Japan), based on 2013 China’s Custom data.

China’s agricultural trade value (including fish and forestry) increased by more than 6% to $220.2 billion, with both imports and exports expanding at similar levels. China’s 2013 agricultural trade with the United States, its largest supplier, decreased in value by nearly 3% in 2012 to $39.3 billion. U.S. exports to China fell 4% to $28.8 billion, while China’s exports to the United States rose more than 3% to $10.5 billion.

The United States, Brazil, and Japan were China’s key agricultural trading markets in 2013. Soybeans, cotton and wood products were China’s highest value import commodities. Tables on China’s agricultural trade are noted in the Appendix. China’s exports to the United States rose by 2.2 percent to $10.5 billion. Plywood, frozen tilapia
fillets, and apple juice were the most important 3 agricultural exports to USA.

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