Plywood Supplier in China

Australian Structural Plywood

Structural plywood are plywood manufactured under Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2269.0 Plywood – Structural processes the following characteristics.


Type A (phenol formaldehyde) which is dark in colour. The A bond provides a durable ‘marine’ bonding
between wood veneers. The plywood bond is capable of performing under long term stress and permanent exposure.

Stress Grades

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F17 Formply

F8, F11, F14, F17, F22, F27, F34 (F7 is included in the standard but is not presently produced). The stress grading system allows the application of characteristic strengths to plywood manufactured from different timber species. Structural plywoods have known and consistent structural performance and the designated properties are published in the Timber Structures Code AS1720.1 and EWPAA literature.

Face Grades

Structural plywood is manufactured with A, S, B, C, or D grade faces with C and D grade being the most common. C faces are non-appearance grade with a solid surface where all open defects are filled, whereas D grade faces allow open defects such as splits and holes.

The A, S, and B veneer faces are appearance grades.

  • A grade veneer faces are of high quality and suitable for all finishing.
  • S grade allows, if agreed between specifier and manufacturer, natural characteristics such
    as knots, holes and discolouration.
  • B grade veneer faces are an appearance grade suitable for high quality paint finishing. Generally, structured plywoods with good quality faces have a D grade back veneer for cheaper price.

To maximise economy we should use DD grade (D grade face/D grade back) where structural performance alone is required; CD grade (C grade face/ D grade back) in plywood flooring which requires one solid face to support vinyl or carpet; or AD grade where the plywood panel is going to be clear finished for decoration or furniture.

Standard Tolerances

EWPAA/JAS-ANZ Product Certified plywood has standard tolerance on length, width, thickness,
squareness and edge straightness. Standard tolerances are very important when laying large areas such as residential or industrial floors, wall or ceiling linings, external cladding and formwork.


All EWPAA/JAS-ANZ Product Certified structural plywood is branded as follows:
  • Manufacture’s name
  • The word “Structural”
  • Face grade, back grade and bond (e.g. CD – A bond)
  • Stress grade (e.g. F14, F17)
  • The Standard No. i.e. AS/NZS 2269.0
  • The formaldehyde emission class (e.g. E0)
  • The correct branding is your guaranteed of a Product Certified engineered plywood panel with a permanent durable Type A marine bond and reliable design properties.