Plywood Supplier in China

What is the best plywood in the world?

Plywood is a very versatile wood panel that can be used in a lot of industries. Not only we can see plywood furnitures and decoration at home, the plywood can also be used in the manufacture of boat, yatch, aircraft, train, truck and so on.

The quality is the key issue that every consumer consider about. In this article we are going to talk about what is the best plywood in the world and which is best for you to choose from.

Best Plywood in the World

There are multiple qualities in the industries. One of the best is the marine plywood complying with BS1088 standard. This standard requires the plywood to be hardwood with phenolic bond. In practice, the main material we can see is okoume(gaboon) or meranti. The light weight species is good choice for yatch and boat builders. These timbers are mainly sourced from Africa tropical forest.

Birch Plywood From Russia & Finland

Birch is a plantation grown in Russia and north Europe. It has a high density and great strength. White to red-brown birchwood is used for flooring, furniture, cabinetry, interior finishing, vehicle parts, plywood, pulp, and turnery. The thin, water-impervious bark provided roofing, canoes, and shoes for North American Indians and early settlers. Birch oil and birch beer made from sap are obtained from the trees. Woodsmen rely on the ability of yellow and paper birch bark to burn even when wet. The most famous brand for birch ply is SVEZA from Russia and UPM Wisa from Finland. Both companies produces birch wood products that can be used for die cutting, toys, etc.

die cutting laser sveza birch plywood

Eucalyptus Plywood

Eucaplytus is a plantation tree that grows in Vietnam and Southern China. It is lower quality compared with birch and okoume but it provide high quality with lower prices. This material is abundant in Asia and a lot of furniture plywood are made with this material. Also concrete shuttering panels are using eucaplytus as hardwood material. We can say that eucaplytus is one of the best material for making panels in China.