Plywood Supplier in China

Brazilian Pine Plywood Export Increase First Time In Five Years

Brazil is an important export desitination of china plywood. Meanwhile Brazil is exporting its own plywood made of pine. According to the lastes data, in last year 2013, the pine plywood export increased 24%. It’s the first grow in last 5 years. Brazilian plywood is mainly sold to Europe and North America.

Before the world economic crisis in 2009 United States is the largest market for Brazilian plywoood.

According to ABIMCI, an industry association of brazil plywood processing, this increase in export is mainly due to the hard work promotion and the favorable exchange rate of us dollars. However, ABIMCI warned that the brazilian manufacturers should promote its plywood harder to get better market in the international market.

The main competitor of brazilian plywood is plywood from China and some other Southeast Asian countries. In the year of 2013, Brazil exported 1164 thousands cubic metersof pine plywood to various countries. But in the year of 2007 which is before the world economic crisis, brazilian manufacturers exported 1536 thousands cubic meters. Parana state is the main origin of pine plywood. But due to the high taxation and expensive cost of near port loading cost made the plywood price very high.