Plywood Supplier in China


We are a supplier of commercial plywood and film faced plywood at the same time.

What is film faced plywood

Film faced plywood is a kind of plywood with a thin film on its face and back. The quality of the film faced plywood is most decided by the quality of plywood itself and the film used. Most cased imported film has better quality and china-made film are much cheaper.

How can we know the actual quality of film faced plywood

The film faced plywood are used for construction thus called construction board. In application the board can be used many times. For example, a construction board with good quality can be used many times and inferior product can be used only a few times. Good quality film faced plywood can be taken away easily from the cement and bad quality plywood are hard to taken from the cement because its surface is not that smooth. Always remember When learning about woodworking, safety should be your top priority.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of film faced plywood in China

We have been in plywood business for many years. Our business range have been in plywood only and we are good at manufacturing of commercial plywood and film faced plywood for all industries. If you are looking for a constant supply of good quality film faced plywood with good price, we are a good choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact our export department to talk about details.