Plywood Supplier in China

China Made Plywood for Nigeria

Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, comprises 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
Capital: Abuja
Port: Lagos
Currency: Nigerian naira
Population: 168.8 million (2012)
Official language: English Language

Economy of Nigeria

Oil-rich Nigeria has been hobbled by political instability, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and poor macroeconomic management, but in 2008 began pursuing economic reforms. Since 2008 the government has begun to show the political will to implement the market-oriented reforms urged by the IMF, such as modernizing the banking system, removing subsidies, and resolving regional disputes over the distribution of profit from the oil industry. GDP rose strongly in 2007-13 because of growth in non-oil sectors and robust global crude oil prices. Nigeria President has established an economic group that includes experienced members and has announced plans to increase transparency. Lack of infrastructure and slow implementation of reforms are key impediments to growth. The government is working toward developing stronger public-private partnerships for roads, agriculture, and power. Nigeria’s financial sector was hurt by the global financial and economic crises, but the Central Bank governor has taken measures to restructure and strengthen the sector to include imposing mandatory higher minimum capital requirements.

Chinese Plywood Supplier and Manufacturer

As a manufacturer and supplier of plywood from China, we put great focus in Africa especially in Nigeria, which is the second largest econmy only after South Africa. The economy growth rate is far beyond other countries.

The development of infrastructures and housing drive the consumption of plywood very high. Film faced plywood for cement shuttering in the building industry, roofling plywood for house, packing plywood for machinery packing, LVL plywood for construction and transportation, fancy plywood for furniture, etc.

The plywood is great advantage to many other kinds of board. If any dealer of wood and timer want to work with us on plywood in nigeria market, please don’t hesitate to contact us.