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  • 1220x2440x2.5mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x4.0mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x5.2mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x12mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm Bintangor/Okoume Faced Plywood - Poplar Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm Black Film Faced Plywood - Poplar/Hardwood Core
  • 1220x2440x18mm White Melamine Faced Plywood - Combi Core
  • 1160x2400x18mm Container Flooring Plywood - Hardwood Core

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We offer free replacement for damaged plywood during the transportation. The plywood are packed in pallets to ensure safe packaging and better protection.

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We welcome customer inspection on the goods before shipment. Our company can issue free report or you can hire third party inspection company like SGS, BV, etc.

structural plywood australia china

Structural plywood are plywood manufactured under Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2269.0 Plywood – Structural processes the following characteristics. Bond Type A (phenol formaldehyde) which is dark in colour. The A bond provides a durable ‘marine’ bonding between wood veneers. The plywood bond is capable of performing under long term stress and permanent exposure. Stress Grades …
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wbp plywood china supplier

In world plywood industry, many business sell and buy WBP plywood. But really a few people know the meaning of the word “WBP”. what is the real meaning of WBP in Plywood WBP stands for “Water Boiled Proof”. If you use WBP glue for the plywood / film faced plywood, the panel will can be …
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Film Faced Plywood Edge

China’s plywood exports totalled 11.71 million cubic metres, valued at $5,810 million in the year 2014, about up 13% in volume and 14% in value compared with the year of 2013. The average unit price for China exported plywood in 2014 was $496 per cubic metre, an increase of 1.3%, ITTO reported. The average export …
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phenolic-film-faced-plywood china

As one of the largest manufacturer of plywood in China, we are exporting film faced plywood a.k.a marine construction plywood to many countries including Middle East, Africa, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Bolivia, etc. The size of the plywood we have is 1220x2440mm and 1250x2500mm. Thickness of the shuttering plywood is 12mm 15mm 18mm 21mm …
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largest birch plywood manufacturer in china

Before the EUTR was introduced in March 2013, many were worried about how it could impact particularly heavily on the plywood sector in europe, but these fears now appear to be unseen. The EUTR has made it illegal to place unlawfully harvested timber and wood products on the EU market. It affects all of those …
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When the Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Environment, was formed in 1964, the research and design department then would never have realised that in a short span of five decades its remarkable initiatives (associated with the development of plywood and panel industries) would bag nine …
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poplar plywood manufacturer in china

The international demand for plywood manufactureed in China has improved since the beginning of 2014. In the period January to August 2014 China’s plywood exports rose 15% to 7.81 million cubic metres, up around one million cubic metres from the same period of 2013, ITTO reports. The USA remains the main destination for China’s plywood …
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india plywood

Only after China, India has the 2nd largest population in the world. The sustainable growth of Indian economy and growing purchase power is making it a favoured export market for many countries. China plywood manufacturers have began taking India as a serious emerging export market and are bringing changes to suit Indian consumers need in …
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In the first half year of 2014, Europe imports of softwood plywood were 899,000 cubic metres, 17% more than the same period the previous year. There was a 26% rise in imports from China to 97,400 cubic metres, and a 5% increase from Chile to 72,300 cubic metres. A very large part of of the …
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WBP_Plywood_sheet - linyi

As we all know China now produces half of the world’s plywood of all kind, including commerical plywood and film faced plywood. But as a country which is not abundant in wood resources you migh all wonder how China did it. There are a bunch of reasons and here we are going to explain why …
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plywood factory fire

Fire raged through the plywood factory of Rutland Plywood Corp. early Thursday, destroying the sawmill and leaving 170 employees jobless. Firefighters first responded to the fire late Wednesday afternoon, thought they had extinguished the fire but got a call at about 1 a.m. Thursday that the fire was burning again. One firefighter suffered an ankle …
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