Plywood Supplier in China

China Plywood Exports Increased by 13% in 2014

China’s plywood exports totalled 11.71 million cubic metres, valued at $5,810 million in the year 2014, about up 13% in volume and 14% in value compared with the year of 2013. The average unit price for China exported plywood in 2014 was $496 per cubic metre, an increase of 1.3%, ITTO reported.

The average export price for plywood was $764 per cubic metre to the US, $498 per cubic metre to Japan, $489 per cubic metre to the UK, $390 per cubic metre to South Korea, $367 per cubic metre to UAE, $429 per cubic metre to Philippine and $309 per cubic metre to Saudi Arabia.

Film Faced Plywood Edge

Around 85% of China’s plywood is exported by manufacturers in provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Guangxi, but these manufacturers face fierce price competition and complaining average prices have only risen by around 10% in 5 years.

A major change in the price indicates the quality of the Chinese suppliers has been improved in the past years in the time plywood veneer pricing is dropping in mainland.