Plywood Supplier in China

China’s plywood exports rose 15% in January – August 2014

The international demand for plywood manufactureed in China has improved since the beginning of 2014. In the period January to August 2014 China’s plywood exports rose 15% to 7.81 million cubic metres, up around one million cubic metres from the same period of 2013, ITTO reports.

The USA remains the main destination for China’s plywood exports growing 28% to 1 million cubic metres or 13% of the national total up to August. China’s plywood exports to Japan rose 2% to 563,200 cubic metres, exports to the UK rose 0.7% to 446, 300 cubic metres and exports to UAE 465,200 cubic metres.

In addition, China’s plywood exports to Hong Kong amounted to 132,600 cubic metres, to Thailand 211,300 cubic metres, Vietnam 161, 800 cubic metres, to Saudi Arabia 365,400 cubic metres, to Canada 125,600 cubic metres, to Russia 113,300 cubic metres and to Chile 49,700 cubic metres.

Manufacturers in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces produce around 75% of the national plywood output for export. Plywood exports of Shandong Province rose 18% to 3.76 million cubic metres between January to August (48% of the national total) while plywood exports from Jiangsu Province rose 16% to 2.20 million cubic metres (28% of the national total).

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