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Plywood With E0 Grade Formaldehyde Emission

One of the Strictest Formaldehyde Emission Standards

Grade E0 is one of the highest formaldehyde emission standards for plywood, hardwood plywood sheets and other panels wood based.

E0 grade plywood and other wooden boards can be used as interior material without additional treatment.

Formaldehyde Emission Rates

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that is used to produce industrial resins / glues, coatings, and resins which are used to produce plywood. Read carefully the description of any tools you may get for your project.

Formaldehyde has a strong smell and is harmful to human health. In order to reduce pollution of the indoor environment and protect human health, timber industry standards set a few limit levels for the formaldehyde emission rate. According to different standards, these limit levels include E0, E1, E2, CARB P2 or F4, etc.

formaldehyde free plywood china

In China, the degree of formaldehyde emission from wood-based panels is E0, E1, E2. They are the formaldehyde emission standards for wood based panels including plywood, particle board, blockboard, wood flooring.

In accordance with the mandatory national standard GB18580-2001 , all wood-based panels must comply with grades E1 or E2.

In China, E0 (‘0’ is the number ‘0’, not the letter ‘O’) comes from the Chinese national standard GB / T9846.1- 9846.8-2004 . However, grade E0 is not a mandatory standard in China. But many manufacturers are trying to adopt the E0 standard in production and marketing. Consumers care more about improving indoor air quality in the home. They prefer plywood and furniture with a low formaldehyde emission rate when they build their houses.

The standard of E0, E1, E2 according to the China standard (desiccant test value)

  • E0≤0.5mg / L
  • E1≤1.5mg / L
  • E2≤5.0mg / L

E0 Plywood

E0 plywood is the healthiest or safest interior plywood, it is super flat and durable. Our E0 plywood is ideal for making top quality furniture and home decoration.