Plywood Supplier in China

Packing Plywood

Our company manufactures packing plywood for package of machineries, cargos, pallets packaging,  boxes, canopy, shelters, cases, crates, etc. Our packing plywood utilizes good quality chinese poplar plywood, radius pine wood from new zealand and is very strong in strength.

packing plywood for boxes

Packing Boxes Made of Plywood

Product Specifications

Thickness2.5mm, 3.0mm, 5.2mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
Veneer TypePine, Okoume, Bintangor, Pencil Cedar
GlueMR, Melamine
Moisture ContentNo More Than 14%

Packing Plywood Pictures

Our company manufactures packaing plywood for all purposes. It is packaging grade with structural quality. Can be made with veneers of Chinese poplar, hardwood or new zealand radius pine. We export this quality commercial plywood Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, India in very large quantity. We are you one stop pack material supplier for shipping cargos and water proof shelters. This type of ply requires better inner structure of the panel sheets. The surface quality and grade is of less concern. In some cases the D/D or C/D grade is acceptable for customers. The type of veneers that mainly used are Poplar, Okoume, Bintangor, Pine, etc.