Plywood Supplier in China

Qinzhou China Plywood Export Growth 186% in 2014 First Five Months

plywood increase exportFrom January to May of 2014, plywood valued at $3.31 million usd was exported through Qinzhou Port in China, a year to year increase of 186% in dollars. To-date no claims have been received from importers, ITTO reported.

According to the goverment agency, those plywood was mainly exported to South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan for use mainly in construction, furniture, packaging and home interior decoration.

The expansion of plywood exports through Qinzhou Port comes on the heels of strong demand for plywood on international market and the ready availability of raw materials from extensive eucalyptus plantation in that province.

In order to promote plywood exports, Qinzhou Entry-Exit. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau provides a range of services to plywood manufacturers in addition to its normal function of assisting with customs processing procedures.

The Bureau has strengthened inspection and quality control along the supply chain in order to guarantee the quality of plywood sold to foreign market.