Plywood Supplier in China

Quality Control

From the procurement of plywood materials, we control everything including core veneers selected, adhesive glue, film or hardwood veneer, hot press and sanding. Before shipment, an inspection report can be provided when we receive requests from customers.

Regular Quality Test of Plywood

Boiling Potplywood boiling pot
Hardwood Moisture MeterHardwood Moisture Metermoisture meter
Wood Density TesterPlywood Density TesterPlywood Density Tester

Common Problems Of Plywood

The main defects of rejected plywood are veneer delamination, core voids, veneer defects and film bubbles. There is standard procedure to avoid the production of bad plywood and any low-quality plywood should be rejected in the quality control stage. Veneer defects and film bubbles can be told from the visual check.

How often do we do quality control?

We check the plywood sheet by sheet to make sure there is no bad shipments from our company.

Packing & Loading With Pallets

After the plywood are well checked, our packaging unit would pack them in standard export pallets for loading containers.

Container Loadingplywood packingloading containers