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Shandong Plywood Factories Production Hauled During National Day 2019

Shandong Provincial Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Working Group Office “Commitment on Effectively Preparing for Heavy Pollution Weather Process from September 25 to 29”: It is expected that Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas will be from September 25 to October 3. A long-term, large-scale medium to severe pollution process will occur. It is predicted that 13 cities such as Jinan, Zibo, Zaozhuang, Jining, Tai’an, Rizhao and Heze will continue to have moderate to severe pollution. According to the prediction results and in accordance with the principle of early warning, Jinan, Zibo, Zaozhuang, Dongying, Weifang and Jining are recommended. The city of Taian, Rizhao, Linyi, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou and Heze 13 started the Level II emergency response before 0:00 today (September 23).

Shandong Plywood Factories

On the same day, the Office of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Command of Xinxiang City, Henan Province issued the “Emergency Notice on Launching the Red (I-level) Early Warning Response of Heavy Pollution Weather in Xinxiang City”: According to the latest weather forecast and research results, the recent wind power in Xinxiang City Weak, high humidity, high humidity and stable weather characteristics, poor diffusion conditions, and obvious accumulation of pollution, it is expected to undergo a continuous pollution process. According to the research decision of the city’s attacking headquarters, since 0:00 on September 23, 2019, Xinxiang City launched a red (I-level) early warning response to heavy pollution. Almost all plywood factories are effected by this urgent policy.

Shandong and Henan are both large provinces of timber sheet production. The above-mentioned suspension production has a greater impact on the inventory of timber sheets in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas. According to the fluctuation of the timber sheet market, the market is low, and relevant market participants expect that this month will be late. The prices of timber sheets in the above provinces and surrounding areas may have risen in a wave. Short-term supply tensions may occur in some areas or due to limited logistics. Relevant industry experts suggest that the stock should be properly prepared in case of emergency, and it must not be unreasonable.

Henan Province Has The Same Problem

There are 247 wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises in Kaifeng City. During the yellow and above warning period, 12 enterprises that use natural gas boilers and have not completed low-nitrogen combustion reform have stopped production of VOCs emission processes; during the orange and above warning period, the remaining 235 enterprises have stopped production of VOCs.