Plywood Supplier in China

Why Chinese Plywood is Competitive in Global Market

As we all know China now produces half of the world’s plywood of all kind, including commerical plywood and film faced plywood. But as a country which is not abundant in wood resources you migh all wonder how China did it. There are a bunch of reasons and here we are going to explain why your plywood supplier in China has a advantage.

1. Poplar As Plywood Core

Poplar is a widely planted economic tree in north China. Chinese government engourages farmers to plant those trees to stop the sand from north west and also the trees itself can be sold to the veneering mill at a fair price. It’s the national policy to plant poplar trees at any piece of vacant land.

2. Supply Chain Advantage

The whole supply chain of plywood producing is gathered over there in a few cities of plywood exports. Like Linyi in Shandong province. The hot press machine, glue, veneers are all ready.

3. Massive Production

Most plywood factories in China won’t stop production because they have the vast domestic market to support their production. Even sometimes they will sell at cost price to maintain the business.

4. Skilled Workers

This is maybe one of the most important reasons Chinese plywood are getting more shares in the world. Skilled workers do the job faster and they know how to control the quality and reduce the cost at every step of manufacturing the plywood.